#RUNFREE# CAMPAIGN in Greater China leverages the joining of Nike+ and WeChat to inspire and help women runners to reach their full potential. Through a multiple stage campaign, females will be engaged and encouraged to bind their Nike+ and WeChat accounts and reach out socially to male and female runners to earn their way to the Taipei Marathon.

By focusing on key women centric dates and milestones [NTC Tour and 6.8 Taipei Women's Marathon], the campaign will steadily gain momentum throughout the summer. Utilizing NTC as a catalyst and the Taipei Marathon as the main driver, female runners come together in a sisterhood manner.

The broader participation experience is further heighten as female participants can engage their male crew members and friends to pledge miles from their runs and thus accelerating their female friends' quest to the Taipei Marathon.

Stage 1: Encourage female runners to bind their Nike+ with their WeChat accounts. Once 10K bound runners has been reached, the Taipei Marathon event is announced.

Stage 2: Participants utilize Nike+ Coach to train alongside Taiwanese running KOL for 21 days. Weekly challenges and incentives keep participants motivated as they move up the ranking on the leaderboard. Males runners can be asked to pledge miles as female runner find ways to accelerate progress.

Stage 3: Nike will announce on various social platforms 10 winners to run Taipei. The message will be amplified through KOL and social channels.

These engagement journeys are no longer via a single touchpoint but more effectively coming together through a network of guided user paths that bring the user from first discovery to a sustaining/amplification point and beyond. Purchasing a product is no longer the end goal but actually the beginning of a constant two-way communication that increases opportunity for more meaningful further engagements.
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