VW Phaeton
An interactive video project for The Phaeton, Volkswagen's most luxurious and premium car that is built within an extraordinary facility in Dresden, Germany, called the Transparent Factory. The story here is just as much about the factory and town of Dresden as it is about the car itself. Utilizing a motion controlled film created by B-Reel, the task was to create an interactive version for the web as well as for the iPad, which will be used as a selling tool at VW Phaeton dealerships and showrooms across China. This website and iPad experience provides insight into what makes the Phaeton special, and how the car's production reflects the unique history and craftsmanship of Dresden and the region. Its motion-control production allows users to pass through a '3D' world by scrubbing forwards and backwards, at self-controlled speeds, creating a feeling of moving through each period and location as if actually there.
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Phaeton Case Study
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Phaeton Interactive