Mulholland Drive
'Mulholland Drive' is a light installation that translated the movement across a topology as two beams of light. That topology was Mulholland Dr between Beverly Glen Blvd. and Coldwater Canyon Dr. in Los Angeles. Instead of direct human interaction, the work took the sensed data (tilt, sound, and GPS) of traversing this environment and recreated the drive through angles, light, and sound. A passive interactive experience, the artwork emphasized the spatial quality of light - it is cinema without image. Like cinema, direct data was captured, then edited, and shaped. However, here the environment directly defined the experience, using the geography computationally. In a sense, 'Mulholland Drive' is a form of new media ambient telepresence and it demonstrates how suddenly the rhythms, patterns, and random chance of the environment can be sensed through new media technologies and how that can be used to create new forms of visual experiences.