Gucci Intelligence Store Media
A total media solution developed for the new Gucci Flagship store in Ginza, Japan. Elements of the store were also implemented in the new Gucci Stores in Nagoya, Japan as well as Hong Kong. The system comprises of 12 LCD/PDP displays (20in, 40in, 65in, 103in) that span 7 floors including the use of the world's first production Panasonic 103in PDP display. All contents are completely controlled and sent via network to individual PCs that control each display. The entire system is connected to a Data Center and Control Center via the internet. Content updates are centralized and distributed from one location. Sensors were also implemented on all floors in the elevator hall to trigger directory content based on user proximity. In addition, four 12in IAVs [Interactive Video Kiosks] were deployed on various floors. The IAV units provide directory information as well other modules that include a Gucci History Book, Catalogs, Videos, and Advertisement Campaigns images.
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Gucci Intelligence Store Media video tour.