Loosely based on earthquakes, 'Displacement' is a project about interaction and the ever changing landscape of Los Angeles. It merges concepts of science, new media and art into an interactive installation. The idea is not to provoke intense thought but to provide an object of local reference in a specific location for people to play and interact with. This 'object' is in the form of a large rectangular platform where an ever changing map of the local area is projected upon. The digital makeup of this projection is a real-time 3D scene where a deformable mesh (representing the terrain) is constantly being displaced. Through user interaction and intervention, this map can be changed to different areas as well as having the ability to deform in a much more intense manner. The visuals with its colors and clean geometric lines, evident especially during times when the terrain shifts, provide an extra level of aesthetic interest for many viewers. In addition, because the location that is mapped onto the mesh is the same as the location in which the exhibition is being held, this offers visitors a degree of context that serves as a basis for viewer interaction.